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About Us

Stratim Capital is a private equity firm specializing in secondary transactions. We provide liquidity options to early shareholders, founders and employees in any market environment. This enables our sellers to diversify their personal portfolios, fund new ventures, or simply reap the rewards of long-term work and sacrifice. We purchase individual positions or portfolios of investments ranging in size from one to tens of millions of dollars in transaction size. 

Since 2004, the principals of Stratim have worked exclusively in the secondary direct market and have purchased investments in over 100 companies with originally invested capital in excess of $400 million.

Your Asset

Whether you are an investor, founder, employee or executive, we work to understand your liquidity goals and help you determine the value of your asset.

Discuss Liquidity Options

We personalize your transaction options based on your investment goals, tax situationother holdings and long-term plans.

Rapid Closure

We offer efficient execution at reasonable valuations. Stratim has established its reputation for respecting confidentiality over many years. Our due diligence is minimally disruptive to management and our sellers do not read about their transactions in the press.

We personalize liquidity options for you,
and help you capitalize on your investment!

There are many ways to capitalize on your investment. Our expert team at Stratim Capital has a 5 step process to understand the true value of your asset and provide you with a selection of liquidity alternatives that meet your needs.

Interested in discussing liquidity options?

Let our expert team create options for you so you can capitalize from your investment.  Get started today.

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