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Founders and investors often have to make the decision to exercise stock options or let their options expire.  Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) requirements and other financial burdens involved in exercising stock options can often be overwhelming.  The experts at Stratim Capital understand the complexities involved in this decision and can help determine the right choice for individuals facing this situation.  We have a variety of options to help with the financial burden of exercising stock options.  

Stratim Capital seeks investments in late stage companies with profitable operations and strong business prospects. The firm’s founders have led spin-outs of entire portfolios and purchased individual positions. We target individual investments of $2 million to $10 million and portfolios of $5 million to over $50 million, but we will do smaller transactions in special situations.

Purchase Privately Held Stock

We can purchase your privately held stock so you no longer have the financial tax burden and can reap the benefits of your investment.

Provide Loans

We can  provide you  with the cash required to exercise your  options and pay the associated taxes, while enabling you to retain the upside potential of the underlying securities.

Provide Consulting

We can help you navigate through the complexities of exercising your stock options, getting corporate information and valuing your holdings.


Stratim is an experienced secondary market investor offering rapid execution and a fair price. We conduct our due diligence in a manner that offers minimal distraction for company management and investorsWe are discrete and always respect company confidentiality. We have a reputation of supporting our portfolio companies post-investment and maintaining strong relationships with financing sources throughout the venture capital and private equity industries.


1-2 Weeks

Conduct initial due diligence based upon seller’s materials and preliminary research


1-2 Weeks

Provide seller preliminary indication of interest and terms


3-4 Weeks

Conduct further due diligence including in-depth legal review of documents, financial due diligence, management and industry analysis


1-2 Weeks

Negotiate stock purchase agreement with seller


1-2 Weeks

Execute transfer of shares

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Secondary Market Benefits

  • Lock in gains
  • Asset re-balancing for portfolio diversification
  • Generate cash for big-ticket expenditures such as home purchases, college education
  • Reduce risk exposure
  • Wind down old venture funds
  • Optimize GP management time
  • Tax planning
  • Exercise employee stock options
  • Valuation mark for fundraising
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